Applications Design

I gather user requirements, establish required features and functionality, produce planning documentation and other technical requirements documentation, and then assist in project management, testing, final release and documentation for web apps, APIs, back end services, and mobile technology.

Technology Research and Evaluation

I find appropriate new technology solutions to solve business problems. I focus primarily on open source software for Linux, BSD and other Unix variants. I find the best combinations of software, hardware, hosting and production environments, help with price discovery and purchasing of servers, storage, networking and other gear, and represent the companies interests when negotiating with vendors.

Disaster and Security Planning

I investigate existing systems, locate and detail opportunities to improve the DR and security posture, detail mitigation plans to reduce the gaps between current reality and best practises, and document plans for disaster recovery, security incident response and other crises.

About me

I'm a serial technology entrepreneur, founder, cofounder, COO and CTO. Here are a couple of the companies I've been a part of.

Developer Evangelist


Chief Technology Officer


Founder and Director


COO (Briefly)

Contact Me

If you have a project to design and build, a cool tech company to start, need help evaluating technologies or finding tech talent, shoot me an email to
I'm located in Ballard, Seattle, Washington.