RESTful API and Web App Design and Dev

I gather user requirements, establish required features and functionality, perform competitive analysis, produce planning documentation and other technical requirements documentation, and then assist in project management, testing, final release and documentation for web apps, APIs, back end services, and mobile technology.

CERT/NISPOM Insider Threat program development

Executive Order 12829 establishes requirements for federal agencies and some vendors working with federal agencies to develop an Insider Threat Vulnerability Program.
Using licensed SEI/CERT Insider Threat Assessment methodology, final reports meet standards for NISPOM compliance. I identify critical assets, evaluate policies and controls necessary to prevent, detect and respond to incidents. I write policies and procedures to establish best practice security standards protecting enterprise data, systems, and people.
Final reports and briefings highlight strengths, vulnerabilities, and recommendations for remediation, mitigation, and situational awareness and resiliency.

Technology strategy, diligence and M&A

I assist technology firms evaluate new technology, investigate opportunities in merger and acquisitions, and guide firms through the due diligence process. I blend technology skills with traditional finance for a unique technology management consulting service.

About me

I'm a serial technology entrepreneur, founder, cofounder, COO and CTO. Here are a couple of the companies I've been a part of.

Chief Technology Officer
API designer and architect

Founder and COO

Strategic Adviser

Sell-side M&A agent


Chief Technology Officer


Founder and Director


Chief Operating Officer

Contact Me

I'm always interested in hearing about cool new tech startups, especially in computer security and mobile technology. I also enjoy serving on corporate boards. Shoot an email to
I'm located in Ballard, Seattle, Washington.